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Hacking Team touts new spyware suite, calls leaks now “obsolete”

2015-07-13 17:25

On Monday, Hacking Team released a statement saying that while some of its surveillance-related source code was released to the public, the firm still retains an edge. "Important elements of our source code were not compromised in this attack and remain undisclosed and protected," the release said. "We have already isolated our internal systems so that additional data cannot be exfiltrated outside Hacking Team. A totally new internal infrastructure is being build [sic] at this moment to keep our data safe."

The release, attributed to CEO David Vincenzetti, noted this wholly new version of the company's Remote Control System is due in the fall. Vincenzetti also defiantly dismissed the recent breach at this point in time, writing that the leaks are now "obsolete because of universal ability to detect these system elements."

Details beyond that remained scarce. The letter notes this will be version 10 of Hacking Team's Remote Control System, calling it "a total replacement for the existing ‘Galileo’ system, not simply an update." Hacking Team spokesperson Eric Rabe told Ars that Vincenzetti was not available for an interview or any follow-up questions.

The initial news of the Hacking Team breach broke last weekend. The file obtained from that hack—400GB of information distributed via BitTorrent (and published here)—reportedly includes not only various employee e-mails but also source code, financial documents, and more. The spyware company sold software that allowed targets to be surreptitiously surveilled as they used computers or smartphones, and its clientele included the likes of the FBI. According to one spreadsheet first reported by Wired, the FBI paid Hacking Team more than $773,226.64 (£500,000) since 2011 for the Remote Control System referenced above, which is also marketed under the name "Galileo."

This past Saturday, another Hacking Team clientele suffered fallout from the breach. The head of the Cyprus Intelligence Service (KYP), Andreas Pentaras, resigned from his post after it was revealed that his agency had spent €50,000 (£35,000, $55,000) to obtain software from Hacking Team.

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