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In The Endless Battle Should We Celebrate Success Or Focus On Failure?

2015-07-10 15:00

Do you know what I love about the InfoSec community? It’s the people. Obviously.

But more than that, it’s the passion I see, the determination to make our lives more secure, more safe. It’s the willingness to share, despite professional aspirations and employer associations.

And it’s the most English of qualities – that determination in the face of adversity.

Ever since I first became interested in the subject matter (December 2006 seems like such a long time ago), I’ve been impressed with how the vast majority of companies and individuals have kept a positive mindset in the face of a threat that will never go away, never ease off.

Recently, however, I’ve seen a bit of a trend that concerns me somewhat.

Ok, sure, there is always doom and gloom in any industry. That’s a natural side effect of employing people, some of whom are less happy than others, some of whom are more susceptible to gain a sale based upon a pessimistic outlook.

But at some conferences I’ve been to recently the mood has been somewhat more sombre than I remember in years gone by. I don’t mean in a FUD, get your wallets out kind of way either.

It’s just been, I don’t know, flat?

For all my own faults, of which there are many, it’s not something that will ever dampen my own enthusiasm or alter my viewpoint, but I do wonder what message is being sent out right now?

You know what they say – despair breeds despair. Or something.

But the flip side is just as true – celebrating success lifts spirits, increases motivation (to be fair, InfoSec is an industry that has that by the bucket load already but more is always good) and reenergises those who fight the good fight.

So, in what I guess is an appeal to the good people of Twitter, the conference circuit and other gathering places, I say why not focus on what the industry is getting right.

And there are many successes. Too many to list here in fact. But let’s just pick one organisation – Europol – which is on something of a roll at the moment.

In the last month the Euro cops have busted 49 alleged cybercrims in Italy, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Georgia; taken down a crime ring allegedly exploiting and distributing Zeus and SpyEye malware; copped 130 alleged airline ticket fraudsters and nabbed what is says is a serious cybercriminal gang operating out of Barcelona, Spain.

Great stuff and well worth celebrating, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you think? Should we spend more time celebrating success, or could that breed complacency?

Has the InfoSec industry become a tad more pessimistic in the last couple of years or is that just my perception? If the attitude has shifted, why do you think that is?

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