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Encryption, Politics, and Keys Under Doormats

2015-07-09 23:05
Encryption, Politics, and Keys Under Doormats

Posted by on July 9, 2015.

As a brief follow-up to an earlier article of mine on Encryption and Politics, I’d strongly recommend a paper on Keys Under Doormats: mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications (also available via http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/97690) for a clear-sighted summary of why (political agendas aside) governments and security don’t always belong in the same sentence. The list of authors alone makes it compulsory reading:

Harold Abelson, Ross Anderson, Steven M. Bellovin, Josh Benaloh, Matt Blaze, Whitfield Diffie, John Gilmore, Matthew Green, Susan Landau, Peter G. Neumann, Ronald L. Rivest, Jeffrey I. Schiller, Bruce Schneier, Michael Specter, Daniel J. Weitzner

The abstract and executive summary are reproduced in full on this RISKS digest page, but I’d still urge you to read the whole paper.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

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