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Are smart locks really that smart? – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 145

2020-07-24 15:15

We follow up on the great Twitter hack of 2020, we discuss how a Cloudflare outage brought down many major websites, and Kirk tells a story of a suspicious email from his local government. We then examine whether smart locks are really safe.

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About Kirk McElhearn

Kirk McElhearn writes about Macs, iPods, iTunes, books, music and more on his blog Kirkville. He is co-host of the Intego Mac Podcast and PhotoActive, and a regular contributor to The Mac Security Blog, TidBITS, and several other websites and publications. Kirk has written more than twenty books, including Take Control books about iTunes, LaunchBar, and Scrivener.Follow him on Twitter at @mcelhearn.View all posts by Kirk McElhearn →

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