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Disposable Computing is the Essence of Bromium’s Micro-Virtualization

2017-06-21 23:00
  • We live in a disposable society, from our ever-present convenience foods in throw-away packaging to online speed-dating tailor-made for today’s low attention-span, instant gratification, swipe-left culture.
  • Why be stuck with the same cruddy old PC filled up with accumulated digital gunk day after day, when you can have a squeaky-clean brand new computer each and every time you perform a fresh task whether online or offline?
  • Unlike physical waste, disposable computing is clean, green, eco-friendly, and leak-proof—as far as cyber-threats are concerned—so there’s never a mess to clean up.

This is the second in our two-part series on disposable computing (read part one). We are also hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, June 26 at 1pm ET and 10am PT featuring Joe Malinka talking security as part of this model (register to attend or get a copy of the recording). Today, Michael Rosen explains how Bromium delivers on the disposable computing promise.

Bromium makes clean, disposable computing a reality, regardless of your dicey cyber-hygiene habits or the questionable websites you frequent on your lunch break. Your PC remains in its pristine state no matter what you do, free from the ubiquitous cyber-garbage that inevitably accompanies modern multitasking business activity. Without Bromium, this digital sludge only grows thicker by the day, eventually coating your computer with a thick patina of gunk that slows it down, locks it up with ransomware (or worse) and may even cause irreparable harm to your enterprise from a devastating breach.

Perfect Track Record from the Microvisor Innovators

Hardware-enforced micro-virtualization from Bromium is the essence of disposable computing, as fresh virtual resources are spun up and utilized only when needed, then continuously reclaimed and recycled along the way. Add in sophisticated VM scheduling and user activity monitoring that learns as it goes, and the result is lightning-fast PC system performance that actually improves rather substantially over native Windows systems that are not protected by Bromium.

Register today: Our disposable computing webinar on June 28th.
Attend live or get the recording. Register here.

Want proof? To date, Bromium enterprise customers have launched over TWO BILLION micro-VMs and have reported exactly zero confirmed malware escapes! Can your AV vendor match that track record? Didn’t think so. [Gabe Knuth takes it a bit further in his article, “Why hasn’t Bromium taken over enterprise antivirus and antimalware yet?”.]

Empowered Computing without Fear

Worried about picking up cyber-crud through your routine everyday activities such as surfing the web, opening email attachments, and sharing portable USB drives? Don’t be!

Disposable computing via a micro-VM.
This is a representation of a micro-VM using Bromium. The browsing session is contained inside.

Just conduct your business in your usual way—everybody slips up once in a while—but do it safely inside disposable, one-time micro virtual machines. Micro-VMs are self-contained, sanitary computing environments that last only for the length of the immediate task at hand. That means when you close the browser tab or document window, that micro-VM disappears forever, along with any malicious activity that might have been going on inside of it, while preserving a full forensic activity trace. So there’s no need to worry about downloading malicious files from the Internet or triggering ransomware that arrived as an email link or attachment. Bromium has you covered.

You Can’t Touch This

Have a malicious macro in your Word document downloaded from an industry conference watering hole website, or an illicit PowerShell script in that zip archive which arrived by email? Your network and endpoint detection technologies have failed you, which is an al-too-common occurrence. You’re certainly not alone…but you are protected if you’ve got the Bromium Secure Platform — including Secure Browsing, Secure Files, and Secure Monitoring—which wraps each online and offline activity in an impenetrable protective bubble, and then tosses it away when each job is done. [Trevor Pott explains more in, “The Bromium Security Hypervisor: Endpoint security with game-changing potential.”]

On Bromium-protected endpoints, malware runs as the attacker intended—including file-less malware—and its activities are meticulously cataloged for kill-chain analysis and sharing through the Bromium Threat Cloud, but everything that takes place within the micro-VM is completely isolated and kept away from the real world. Nothing can reach the actual host PC, the operating system, the file system, the network, or any critical enterprise resources. When you close the task, the malware is kicked to the curb forever in an environmentally-friendly, self-cleaning process. Malware has finally met its match, and it’s a dead end.

Go ahead, click on anything—click on everything—you’re protected!

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