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Dark Reading Launches New Conference on Cyber Defense

2017-06-21 11:25
November event will focus on attendee interaction, "blue team" best practices

To succeed, IT security professionals must find more - and better - ways to talk to each other.

This simple maxim is behind two events that Dark Reading is rolling out today. The first, which you may already know about, is our virtual event: Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats, an all-day online conference designed to help you better understand your adversaries and prepare your defenses. The virtual event, which opens at 11am ET, top cybercrime speakers and online chatrooms to help you engage with your peers.

At the virtual event, you’ll have a chance to learn about a new Dark Reading conference that’s being announced today: INsecurity, a live event for the defenders of enterprise data security.

INsecurity, which will take place at the Gaylord National Harbor Nov. 29-30, is a new type of conference that we believe will take the cybersecurity discussion to the next level. Instead of focusing on research and the revelation of new threats and vulnerabilities, INsecurity will focus on the everyday practices of the IT security department, and real-life methods that you can use to shore up your own enterprise defenses. It will be the "blue team" counterpart to the traditional "hacker con," and will concentrate on methods of defense, rather than exploits and attacks.

At INsecurity, you’ll have a chance to meet and talk with top security practitioners, including CISOs and top staff from a variety of well-known enterprises. You’ll hear their ideas on how to do key security functions such as budgeting, staffing, patch management, user provisioning, security metrics, incident response, and many other topics. And in our Business Hall, you’ll have a chance to see some of the latest cyber defense technologies in action, and learn more about technology trends and directions.

But the blue-team focus is not the only thing that will make INsecurity a different sort of security conference. While the event will feature traditional tracks and sessions led by top experts and practitioners, it will also offer more ways for you to interact with your peers. In fact, the event will offer large-group discussions led by security experts, roundtable discussions of eight or 10 security pros, and even opportunities for one-on-one conversations with like-minded colleagues. INsecurity recognizes that security pros have different methods for learning and talking – and we will provide the right environments to foster that conversation.

INsecurity will offer a fun, collegial environment for learning and conversation. Set at Washington, D.C.’s National Harbor, the conference will offer many sites and settings for social interaction and entertainment, in an east-coast location that’s easy to reach from almost anywhere in the U.S. While the broader-learning sessions will be open to all attendees, many of the smaller discussions will be held under Chatham House Rules, enabling attendees to safely discuss key security issues anonymously in a closed-door setting. The goal of the event is to not only educate attendees, but to provide the right environment to meet colleagues and discuss IT security issues in depth.

Want to know more about this new Dark Reading event? You can sign up to get the latest details – including details on sessions, speakers, and discussion topics – by going to our INsecurity information site. We hope you'll sign up to hear more about this new event - and join us in the Nation's Capital this November! 

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