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Protect your data, yes. But can you detect a breach and respond effectively?

2016-06-20 18:05

Rapid development in cloud and mobile technologies is enabling greater opportunities for businesses to connect and thrive globally. At the same time, though, the public drumbeat about data breaches, cyberwarfare, and state surveillance can make you question the wisdom of getting more connected.

With great opportunity comes great risk, but the good news is business security strategies and technology solutions are rising to the challenge. Doing business in the era of infrastructure, platforms, and solutions “as a service” demands an adaptive, defensive mindset in how we approach data and identity security.

Passive business security isn’t enough anymore; bad actors will breach corporate networks. Both IT and C-suite are recognizing the need for active, company-wide defense. CIOs and CISOs need to think about how to protect data and other assets, as well as how to detect a threat more quickly and respond effectively. Simultaneously, business leaders are recognizing the need to develop a culture that continually applies lessons learned to strengthen the organization’s security posture.

Engineering best-in-class enterprise security is one of the ways Microsoft puts our principles to work in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. In our upcoming webinar, Top 5 security threats facing your business – and how to respond, Cloud + Enterprise General Manager Julia White and Ann Johnson, VP of Enterprise Cybersecurity, offer practical advice on how to implement a comprehensive protect-detect-respond strategy in your enterprise. They’ll also present the unique perspective that makes Microsoft a leader in cybersecurity.

Mark your calendar for this timely and informative session.

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“Protect your data, yes. But can you detect a breach and respond effectively?”0 Comments

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