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Microsoft Education - Code Execution Vulnerability

2016-06-07 12:30
Document Title:
Microsoft Education - Code Execution Vulnerability

References (Source):

MSRC Case: 32314
TRK: 0001002809

Research Article: http://www.kieranclaessens.be/uncategorized/microsoft-education-remote-code-execution/

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Product & Service Introduction:
Our mission is creating immersive and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of
essential life skills and supporting
educators in guiding and nurturing student passions. We empower students and educators to create and share in entirely
new ways, to teach and learn through
exploration, to adapt to individual learning needs, so they can make, design, invent and build with technology.

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education )

Abstract Advisory Information:
The Vulnerability Laboratory Core Research Team discovered a code execution and cross site scripting vulnerability in
the microsoft education online service web-application.

Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:
2016-06-07: Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory)

Discovery Status:

Affected Product(s):
Microsoft Corp.
Product: Education - Online Service (Web-Application) 2016 Q1

Exploitation Technique:

Severity Level:

Technical Details & Description:
Multiple persistent cross site scripting web vulnerabilities and a code execution bug has been discovered in the
microsoft education web-application.
The persistent web vulnerability allows remote attacker to inject own malicious script codes to the application-side of
the affected module or function.
The code execution vulnerability allows remote attacker to execute arbitrary codes to compromise the affected
web-server, dbms or computer system.

Several stored cross site scripting web vulnerabilities are located in a pretty vulnerable domain:
It seems like they are all caused by the same bad secured input screen, as you will see in the proof of concepts that I

For the stored XSS I used simple img tags, and one javascript attribute in a href as seen in the proof of concept which
I provided.

I also found a remote code execution vulnerability which seems to be caused by bad upload validation. I checked this
for the video module,
and was able to upload PHP files, which I could then locate on the server by viewing the source of the video module. I
did check the image
module for the same vulnerability, and was able to upload arbitrary files, but was not able to locate the executable
PHP file.

Proof of Concept (PoC):
In the video below I show both the RCE and cross site scripting vulnerabilities.

In this video, I show only the RCE vulnerability

Note: If any more information is needed, I will be happy to provide it!

Security Risk:
The security risk of the code execution and cross site scripting vulnerabilities in the microsoft education service are
estimated as high. (CVSS 8.6)

Credits & Authors:
Kieran Claessens - (www.kieranclaessens.be) [http://www.vulnerability-lab.com/show.php?user=Kieran%20Claessens]

Disclaimer & Information:
The information provided in this advisory is provided as it is without any warranty. Vulnerability Lab disclaims all
warranties, either expressed or implied,
including the warranties of merchantability and capability for a particular purpose. Vulnerability-Lab or its suppliers
are not liable in any case of damage,
including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential loss of business profits or special damages, even if
Vulnerability-Lab or its suppliers have been advised
of the possibility of such damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential
or incidental damages so the foregoing
limitation may not apply. We do not approve or encourage anybody to break any licenses, policies, deface websites, hack
into databases or trade with stolen data.

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