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Faraday v1.0.20 is here! New conflict resolution, hosts and services views & bug fixes!

2016-06-02 03:50
A brand new Faraday version is ready! Faraday v1.0.20 is here,
bringing more functionality to our GTK interface and other cool new

If you've been keeping up with Faraday, on our last release
we published a new experimental GTK interface. In this iteration we
added several missing features and fixed a lot of small bugs.

You will probably notice the most our new conflict resolution dialog,
which improves on our design for QT and highlights the differences
between the two conflicting objects, not to mention it requires one
less click from you when fixing a conflict.

Conflict resolution dialog in Faraday's GTK interface
Also, you will notice the status bar now displays relevant information
about your workspace, so you know exactly where you stand regarding
the number of hosts, services and vulnerabilities. Your workflow will
also be improved by the new exit command support, which now behaves as
you'd expect - if you exit from a tab inside Faraday, the tab will

Big new features are exciting, but bug fixes and small add-ons are
important too. The terminal now features infinite scrolling and scroll
bars, there are more descriptive labels, the sidebar is resizable and
you can search for specific workspaces by name.

However, our web UI wasn't left behind, including fixes and
improvements in the hosts and services views. Also, in this version we
added the report import event to the commands history, so it can be
viewed in the dashboard. We believe this feature will enable you to
keep track of all the movements in the workspace, so we hope you enjoy


* Fixed bugs in plugins: Acunetix - Nmap - Nikto
* Removed description from Hosts list in web UI
* Fixed sort in Hosts list in web UI
* Fixed ports sorting in Host view in web UI
* Added search link for OS in Hosts list in web UI
* Removed description from Services list in web UI
* Added version to Services list in web UI
* Modified false values in Hosts list in web UI
* Added search links in Services list in web UI
* Added scrollbar in Gtk Terminal
* Added workspace status in Gtk interface
* Added conflict resolution support for the Gtk interface
* Added search entry for workspaces in Gtk
* Added support for 'exit' command inside Faraday's Gtk terminal
* Improved handling of uncaught exceptions in Gtk interface
* Improved text formatting in Gtk's log console
* Fixed several small bugs in Faraday GTK
* Added support for resize workspace bar
* Added a quote for imported reports in web UI
* Added support for a new type of report in Qualysguard plugin

We hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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“Faraday v1.0.20 is here! New conflict resolution, hosts and services views & bug fixes!”0 Comments

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