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Netsec Goggle Customizes Brave Search Results to Show Only Cybersecurity Websites

2022-06-27 08:04

Cybersecurity consulting firm Forces Unseen has developed a “Goggle” for the Brave search engine that allows users to obtain results only from cybersecurity websites.

The developers of the privacy-focused Brave web browser announced recently the introduction of a new beta feature for the Brave search engine that enables users to customize their search results using so-called Goggles.

Anyone can create a Goggle that essentially serves as a custom re-ranking mechanism that sits on top of Brave’s search index.

Forces Unseen has created a Goggle that shows only search results from a list of a few thousand cybersecurity websites.

The Netsec Goggle, which is available as open source on GitHub, displays results from a list of sites generated by taking URLs with a score of 20 or higher from the /r/netsec community on Reddit.

The Goggle searches more than 3,700 websites and it’s currently being updated manually, but Forces Unseen says it plans on automating the process. The list excludes the top 1,000 domains, including google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com and microsoft.com.

The Netsec Goggle searches cybersecurity news websites (including SecurityWeek), the sites and blogs of cybersecurity organizations, and independent research blogs.

Brave search results via Netsec Goggle

“We were really curious if this could help us to break through all the SEO spam and garbage on the internet and help us be more productive in the information security space,” the developers of the Netsec Goggle explained. “As a starting point we used submissions from /r/netsec to build this Goggle. We intend to incorporate additional sources that give us a strong signal/noise ratio.”

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