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Aqua Security Ships Open Source Tool for Auditing Software Supply Chain

2022-06-22 11:11

Cloud security startup Aqua Security has partnered with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to create guidelines for software supply chain security and followed up by shipping an open-source auditing tool to ensure compliance with the new benchmark.

The open-source tool, called Chain-Bench, is described an open source tool for auditing an organization’s software supply chain stack for security compliance based on the newly created CIS Software Supply Chain Security Guide. 

Chain-Bench can be used by organizations to scan the DevOps stack from source code to deployment and simplify compliance with security regulations, standards, and internal policies, Aqua Security explained.

In a statement, the company said the new Software Supply Chain Security Guide offers more than 100 foundational recommendations that can be applied across a variety of commonly used technologies and platforms. 

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The fruits of the collaboration is meant to establish general best practices that support key emerging standards like Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) and The Update Framework (TUF) while adding foundational recommendations for setting and auditing configurations on the Benchmark-supported platforms, Aqua Security said.

Within the guide, recommendations span five categories of the software supply chain, including Source Code, Build Pipelines, Dependencies, Artifacts, and Deployment.

The company said CIS plans to expand this guidance into more specific CIS Benchmarks to create consistent security recommendations across platforms.  

Aqua Security, a late-stage Israeli startup with U.S. headquarters in Boston,, said the guide was reviewed by external experts at CIS, Aqua Security, Axonius, PayPal, CyberArk, Red Hat, and several other technology firms.

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