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Checking for BACNet devices inside corporate networks, (Sun, Jun 7th)

2015-06-09 15:40

Building automation Networks are very common today for intelligent buildings. They interconnect several type of devices like escalators, elevators, power circuits, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) to the main control center. Since those devices are in the same location as computers and all other corporate devices, some companies place them in same network segments with all other users devices. This could lead to a serious security problem, as it is wide known that many industrial protocols does not require the clients to authenticate for issuing commands or requesting data. If companies combine BACnet devices inside network segments with regular users, they will be able to attack the BACnet devices with no difficult. Only new version of those protocols are beginning to support authentication, confidentiality and integrity. It">47808/udp open bacnet| bacnet-discover:| Vendor ID: BACnet Stack at SourceForge (260)| Vendor Name: BACnet Stack at SourceForge| Instance Number: 260001| Firmware: 0.8.2| Application Software: 1.0| Object Name: SimpleServer| Model Name: GNU| Description: server">Manuel Humberto Santander Pelez
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