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NoScript as a staple in the toolbox, (Mon, Jun 8th)

2015-06-09 15:40

I know weve talked about NoScript here before, however it is something worth discussing on a regular basis, as it is a simple, solid product that works. Whenever I build a new desktop or laptop, one of the first things that goes in is Firefox and NoScript as a solid browser combo to continue safely building out and running a system. The choice of browser software is probably more a matter of personal choice, but a solid security addon for the browser is a must these days, and I have found NoScript to be a solid addon for Firefox. It is stable, updated constantly (for which I am reminded on a regular basis when I open Firefox) and a product with a very long, proven track record. One of the solid aspects of NoScript has been the always block by default approach, deny all/permit by exception philosophy that stops all scripts, and allows me to permit only the content I want or need.

Take a look at NoScript, let us know what you think in the comments, as well as any other addon musts for browsers.

tony d0t carothers --gmail

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