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Listen your favorite music on Linux with Atraci

2015-06-09 11:15

While there are many music players out there, most of them require you to purchase the music and add it to your own playlist. This can amass quite a lot of work, especially if you have large collections of music, and because of that using an alternative such as Atraci is truly recommended.

What is Atraci?

Simply put, Atraci is a music player that streams music from YouTube. The idea isn’t new, with other apps such as MusicTube providing a similar set of features, but what Atraci does is that it allows you to access the current top tracks you can find on the market right after entering the app.

At the same time, you can also perform a search for your favorite artist or song at any given time. By doing so, you will be able to access a list with all of their songs/videos.



Yes, unlike many other similar apps, Atraci actually allows you to stream the video found directly on YouTube and listen to the app with great quality. The videos can be seen in a player window that has been integrated with the application in a very natural, seamless manner. It’s a shame that you can’t see the videos in fullscreen, but since the main focus is on music here, then this is easy to understand.

Speaking of it, the music quality here is astounding and I was truly impressed by the outcome. The app automatically finds the videos with the best audio quality and that’s why you will always have a great experience as you listen to music with Atraci.

The ability to play more than 60 million tracks is more than enough to give Atraci a shot, but if you take into consideration the fact that the app has a stellar interface, then you will immediately see the great value that the app brings to the table. You can create your own playlists with this tool, something that I liked to do quite a lot, but at the same time I liked the autocomplete when searching, a testament towards achieving great results and a wonderful outcome.

I have to note the inclusion of a history for the videos that you already played recently, as well as the 2 different view modes that help you sort based on the artist or track.


Most of the time, Atraci works decently, but since the app is far from a fully featured release, you can encounter bugs quite often. One of the bugs that annoy me sometimes when using Atraci is the one that doesn’t allow me to playback some songs, something that can get a little annoying as time passes.

Other than that though, Atraci delivers a great, high quality video and music playback experience, and this is something that many of us do want from a music player

It’s important to note that installing Atraci is simple, you can install it from https://github.com/Atraci/Atraci/releases , either by downloading the executables or building from source, depending on your needs.

In my opinion, Atraci shows a lot of potential and because of that I am eagerly waiting to the final release. More features have been added recently, such as automatic updates, playlist panels and bug fixes, so hopefully all the issues will be ironed out so that we can have a new, reliable music player!

Recent Problems

Due to the change on API of youtube currently the team is refactoring Atraci to stronger and more stable infrastructure, want to help or stay informed ? keep update on: Atraci-Angular

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