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Corporate Cyberattacks and You

2015-06-02 23:20

F-Secure announced today that it has acquired nSense – a Danish cybersecurity firm that specializes in providing security consultations, vulnerability assessment, and related services to large enterprises.

So you might be asking yourself why this matters. Well, the answer is that it matters because “large enterprises” provide products and services to people, and so the kind of security measures these services use to defend against cyberattacks is what protects the personal information you give to these enterprises from would-be attackers.

The 2011 attack on Sony’s Playstation network provides a textbook example of how important corporate cybersecurity is for regular people. The Playstation Network was hacked in April 2011, and while it was initially reported as a disruption in service, Sony’s investigation eventually uncovered evidence that the attackers were able to steal the personal data of people subscribing to the gaming service. The compromised data included names, email addresses, physical addresses, and even login details of around 70 million subscribers. Sony also admitted that the attackers may have stolen credit card numbers, although they could not confirm this.

And this isn’t an isolated incident. Target experienced a massive data breach in 2013, as did Home Depot in 2014. Both instances exposed the credit card information of shoppers to risks – risks that people don’t necessarily want to take when they go shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

So the cybersecurity of large enterprises is an issue that concerns us all, which is why F-Secure’s acquisition of nSense is big news. F-Secure’s award-winning products already protect tens of millions of people and thousands of businesses. nSense is one of Northern Europe’s leading cybersecurity firms, and specializes in providing protection services for large enterprises in the entertainment, finance and service provider sectors.

You should care about whether or not the businesses and organizations you entrust with your data are taking care of it, and providing it with the best protection. Now F-Secure is in an even stronger position to provide its vaunted Best Protection to large enterprises, and to their customers.

And that’s why it matters.

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