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Hackers Dump Pirates of the Caribbean On Torrent Sites Ahead of Premiere

2017-05-16 22:55

Hackers have made good on their threat and dumped the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie online ahead of its next week premiere. 

Just the other day it was revealed that Disney was being threatened with the release of one of its summer blockbusters. Two movies are scheduled for release - the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Cars. Although no names were given officially, everyone assumed it would be Johnny Depp's latest portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now, as the Internet is filling up with movie copies, it's obvious that the assumptions were true. Two copies have landed on The Pirate Bay thus far and are already drawing attention.

The dump is the result of Disney's refusal to pay the money demanded by hackers. The same happened to Netflix a few weeks back when what is presumed to be the same group uploaded the whole fifth season of Orange Is the New Black online, even though the name of the uploaders differs. It seems the price for this particular show was of 50 bitcoins, but Netflix denied payment anyway. It is unknown how much they asked for Pirates of the Caribbean.

The first copies are online
The first copies are online
More movies are coming

The group that managed to steal all these movies calls itself TheDarkOverlord and seems to have been working together since the end of last year. According to the information unearthed thus far, the hackers managed to get access to the systems of Larson Studios in Hollywood, a company that handles additional dialogue recorded for movies. It seems that the copies they've managed to get their hands on are in various stages of production and not exactly what you'd expect from a full cinema-ready release.

Both Netflix and Disney are working with the FBI to track the hackers and bring them to justice.

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