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What Can You Learn On Your Own?, (Sat, May 6th)

2017-05-07 11:30
We are all privileged towork in the field of information security. We alsocarry the responsibility tokeep current in our chosenprofession.RegularlyI hear from fellow colleagues whowant to learn something, but do not have a training budget, feel powerless and sometimes give up. I would like to share several approaches that can be used to bridge this gapand willhopefullyinspire a self-investmentboththis weekend and beyond. None of these ideas cost anything more than time.
I decided to borrow an idea from an informal mentor, something I generally give them credit for, but not always. I decided to wake up early eachmorning with the intentto learn something new every day. Maybe the something is a new tool, anew linux distribution or taking an onlineclass. Having done this now for the last 7 years, I can say without hesitation or regret that it has been pivotal in making me a better me.I am convinced that applyingjust a little bit of incremental effort will serve you well as well.
Ideas to get you started:
  • SANS Webcastsand in particular theirArchive link
  • Serve as an informalmentor to a junior team member, while beingopen tolearn from them
  • Volunteer help out in a local informationsecurity group meeting
  • Read that book on your shelf that has a little more dust that you would like to admit
  • Subscribe toAdrian CrenshawsYouTube channel
  • Be intentional by creating a weekly appointment with your team in orderto learn something new over a brown bag lunch
  • Foster an environment that facilitates a culture of learning
Afterconsidering this topic for a long time, I want to askthis question -What are you doing to invest in yourself, particularly in ways that do not cost anything but your time? Please leave what works for you in our comments section below.
Russell Eubanks
SANS Instructor
(c) SANS Internet Storm Center. https://isc.sans.edu Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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