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Netflix and Orange is the New Black Are Being Held for Ransom

2017-05-01 08:20
  • Netflix has been asked to pay an unspecified amount in ransom.
  • Un-aired episodes of the show, Orange is the New Black (OTNB) is the hostage.
  • This time it’s personal: I wait months for the new season and I don’t want any spoilers.

I met Jenji Kohan’s husband, Chris Noxon, years ago at a marketing conference where he was speaking about his book (Rejuvenile – happened to really resonate with me) and since then, I’ve followed this happy family’s life as a “friend” on social media. I know I don’t know them, but I feel like a do and from what I’ve seen, they deserve their success. When I met him, Weeds was barely gaining an audience and of course, since then, Weeds created a new business model for Netflix and eventually green-lit OTNB – one of the best shows ever.Netflix's OTNB

Watch us destroy ransomware in 90 seconds.

As the years went by, I went about my marketing business and ended-up in the security industry focused on keeping the Internet safe. I love the Internet. I want people to have unfettered access and be able to rely on it for work, education, debate and more. I’m extremely committed to it.

So imagine my grrrrr anger, when I found out some criminal has managed to hack into the studio’s network and steal new episodes for OTNB and hold them for ransom.

We can stop this nonsense.

Ransomware and criminals like “The Dark Overlord” (his moniker, you can’t make this stuff up and if you did, I’m sure you’d do a better job), can be stopped. We use a technology called virtualization that keeps the things you do online, in a micro-VM – a fancy name of a container. Essentially any time you do something that might invite malware or ransomware, if you are running our software, it happens in the micro-VM and the minute you close that session (file, browser tab, etc.), the malware and ransomware are trashed. They no longer exist.

Please, no spoilers.

Jenji and team worked hard to put together an amazing new season of OTNB. It is up to us to keep this cyber criminal from winning. I recommend waiting until OTNB debuts on Netflix on June 9th. If you are a fan, don’t watch anything (other than the previous seasons) before that date and let this “Dark Overlord” continue to preside exclusively over his loneliness and desperation.

Then strengthen your cyber security. If you’d like to try our product, you can register for our free beta for personal use – it’s due this summer. And you can get a quick demo for your corporation by contacting us.

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