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Microsoft: The new Windows 11 features from Build 2022

2022-05-28 18:51

Windows 11

During the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft announced a number of new features for Windows 11, including an improved Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and more.

Microsoft is upgrading the Android OS within the subsystem to Android 12L and adding support for advanced networking, so your mobile apps can easily communicate with devices outside the virtualization environment.

Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that it is bringing the Windows Subsystem for Android to five new markets later this year. The list of new markets includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The rollout is projected to start at the end of this year, but we don't know the specific timeframe.

Microsoft is also working on improving integration between Android and Windows 11.

Microsoft Store updates

Devs can now quickly submit their Win32 apps in the Store as the company has removed the waitlist to do it.

For those unaware, Windows 11 allows developers to submit their unpacked desktop apps directly to the store. In a bid to further improve the adoption, Microsoft is easing the restrictions and allowing developers to quickly add apps to the store.

Additionally, Microsoft is testing a new feature that would let developers place advertisements within the app store. 

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