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ERMAC 2.0 Android Banking Trojan targets over 400 apps

2022-05-27 06:33

A new version of the ERMAC Android banking trojan is able to target an increased number of apps.

The ERMAC Android banking trojan version 2.0 can target an increasing number of applications, passing from 378 to 467 target applications to steal account credentials and crypto-wallets.

ERMAC was first spotted by researchers from Threatfabric in July 2021, it is based on the popular banking trojan Cerberus. The source code of Cerberus was released in September 2020 on underground hacking forums after its operators failed an auction.

According to the experts, ERMAC is operated by threat actors behind the BlackRock mobile malware.

ERMAC 2.0 was discovered by ESET researchers after a campaign impersonating Bolt Food targeted Polish users. The malware is available for rent on underground forums for $5000 per month since March 2022.


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