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Behind the Scenes of the European Security Blogger Awards 2015

2015-05-27 13:15


The third European Security Blogger Awards will be held next week during Infosec Europe. The finalists have been selected and voting is now open to select the winner of each category. However, some people have raised questions as to why their blog was not nominated or how the finalists were selected. I hope to explain in this blog post.

The blogger awards are a fun event to encourage and promote security blogs and their writers. The nominations process is completely open to the public and anyone who themselves are a security blogger can nominate a blog in the various categories.  The nominations are announced via Twitter by those behind the event and on various blog posts too. If a blog is not nominated then the readers or the owner of that blog has not nominated it, or they may not be aware that nominations were open.

Once the nominations are over, the nominations are reviewed to ensure the nominated blogs fit the most appropriate categories, e.g. that a corporate run blog is not in the personal blog category or that a blog nominated in the podcast category actually has a podcast. Note that at this stage we make no determination as to how good or indeed how bad each nominee is.

Once the nominations are completed the voting is opened to select the winners of each category. This is done in two parts. The first part is where the voting is opened to the general public  for them to choose who they deem the best blog is in each category. There is also a judging panel, comprised this year of Brian Honan, Jack Daniel, Joy Fleur Brettschneider, Dan Raywood, and Eleanor Dallaway. The judging panel will cast their own votes as to who they determine to be the best blogs.

The results of the public voting and the judging panel selection are then combined and the winners subsequently chosen.  The winners will be announced at the Security Bloggers Meetup. This approach we believe provides the most fair way of selecting the winners

The awards are meant to be a bit of fun and to simply add some focus and excitement during the blogger meetup that takes place during Infosec Europe. This is the third year the meetup and the awards have taken place and we hope to continue to grow this fun event for all. This year Infosec Europe have kindly hosted the meetup and awards in the Olympia Hall to facilitate the get together.

The meetup is supported by the Security Bloggers Network and Infosec Europe are the gracious hosts for this year’s event as the numbers wishing to attend are growing each year and we needed a bigger venue. There will be sponsors supporting the event as someone has to pay for the food, drink, and other items. But that in no way gives the sponsors any preferred treatment or advantage in the awards.

The organising committee behind both the meetup and the awards give up their free time to help organise an event to provide a platform for security professionals to meet in a fun environment. They do not have the time to scour the Internet for every security blog that is out there and evaluate them. We all have full time jobs to do and try to manage an event for the community involving those blogging in the community.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve then please let me know and we will look to build that into next year’s event. But please do keep in mind the resources we have are limited and voluntary.

If you will be in London next Wednesday why don’t you register for the meetup and avail of the chance to meet other security professionals in a relaxed environment. While you are at it you should also cast your vote for who you think are the best blogs

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