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Ooh Nurse! UK Government Shuts Down Windows XP Life Support

2015-05-27 13:15

In a not entirely unexpected move the UK government has finally euthanised the aging operating system that senior officials lovingly referred to as “Uncle XP”.

Years after less sentimental families would have packed the old boy off to a nursing home, Whitehall finally decided the lovable chap had become more trouble than he was worth and was costing a fortune to look after.

Instead of packing him off to the country and a nice bit of end of life care, they instead decided the only proper course of action was to send him off with a bit of dignitas.

Alas, not everyone in the extended family was overjoyed.

Despite being aware that the end was coming (he did last a good year longer than originally expected), some of the less popular members of the family still had a lot of affection for him.

Take nurses for example. The Guardian suggests that the NHS is Scotland still has around 2,600 computers running Windows XP.

Many tissues required there methinks.

Elsewhere, other branches of the Windows family are not quite so disappointed to see his passing – after all, £5.5m a year is a lot of money to hand over to the Microsoft clan when they are only offering a monthly bed bath and an occasional meal on wheels.

Much better then to say out with the old and in with the new.

And that’s exactly what the Government Digital Service has decided to do as it says hello to a couple of new trendy lodgers known simply as 7 (she’s getting on a bit herself now) and 8.1.

According to the Government Technology blog,

There has been good progress in moving away from Windows XP across departments and government organisations and with many public bodies this transition is complete.

As for those poor old nurses, the government is as caring as ever, saying its confident they’ll be able to handle the risks (dealing with infections is their thing, right?), using the CESG guidance or, failing that, “they may need to review their own short term transition support”.

The same also goes for elements of other agencies including HMRC and the police, both of which will be donning black suits and ties to lament the passing of an old friend, wondering whether they should have had a whip round and kept dear old XP around for just one more year.

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