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Try our Beta and win 200€ on Amazon!

2015-05-19 20:55

2016 beta contest

Today we are launching our Panda Security 2016 rage beta!

And we will like to ask you for your help! We will love if you could use it, have a look around and give us some feedback! We will appreciate your ideas, comments, and suggestions on what you liked best and, especially, what could be improved.

For a chance to win a 200€ Amazon Gift Card! Among the most useful comments we will give away not one, but 9 gift cards!

How to enter this giveaway? Through our channels in Facebook, Twitter (using the hashtag #PandaBeta), Google+ or by leaving a comment on this article.

Panda Security 2016 Beta Contest

What do you have to do? Download our beta and give us your opinion.

Dates: from May 19 to June 9.

How? Through our official channels.

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