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Combo Breaker, a DIY tool to easily crack many Master padlocks

2015-05-16 00:05

The security expert Samy Kamkar after the disclosure of a method to easily crack many Master padlock combinations designed Combo Breaker to mechanize it.

A couple of weeks ago, the popular security expert Samy Kamkar revealed a method to easily crack many Master padlock combinations in eight tries or less.

master padlock 2.jpg

Unfortunately, it is not so complicated to crack a Master padlock with the right instruments, the right software could easily allow it and for this reason Kamkar decided to mechanize the process with a Combo Breaker device.

The design of Combo Breaker is very simple as effective, it uses a stepper motor to rotate the Master Lock combination dial, a second servo motor that makes the attempt to open the mechanism, Arduino chip as controller on which the software designed by the expert run, and a 3D printer used to produce the parts composing the Combo Breaker device.

Combo Breaker is a motorized, battery powered, 3D printed, Arduino-based combination lock cracking device. It is portable, open source, 3D models provided, and exploits a new technique I’ve discovered for cracking combination locks in 8 attempts or less, but in an even more exciting, automated fashion.” wrote Kamkar in a blog post.

combo breaker

At this point you have all the necessary to crack the Master lock, just insert it in the Combo Breaker and run the software that will take about five minutes to discover the right the combination,  but don’t worry a professional thief takes much less time <p><hr/></p>
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