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Ambari Server 1.7.0 Local Privilege Escalation

2015-05-15 07:25
Title: Ambari Server 1.7.0 Local Privilege Escalation
Author: Julian Horoszkiewicz
An issue with ambari-root privilege separation model has been identified.
The reason for this is that /var/lib/ambari-server/ambari-env.sh script is
by default owned by user ambari, but executed as root. That opens the way
for adding arbitrary commands to be executed as root if one has access to
ambari user account.
The ambari server itself runs with privileges of the dedicated user ambari
(it drops privileges from root), but privilege reduction takes place
scarcely after execution of the culprit script, which leads to privilege
escalation. Either manual service restart by root, or system reboot has to
be performed in order to get the malicious code executed. In order to
mitigate the risk, file ownership should be changed to root.

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