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The Floppies Won’t Eat Your Mouse

2015-05-14 17:25

We heard tell of a mean ol’ venom on the street (CVE-2015-3456).  “Hey, give that back to Spidey.”


So we decided to have a look.  But we’re not talking about superheroes.  We’re talking about floppy.  Remember this fella?


He seems bummed out.  That’s because there’s not much need for him anymore.  Or so we thought.  Let’s give it over to the expert:


“Thank you Captain.  Indeed certain hypervisors may still include code, which enables the use of this primitive alien technology, known as the “floppy”.  As expected, federation level technologies (Bromium) removed such useless code to begin with.  (E.g. vSentry is not at all vulnerable.)

The source code file that holds the vulnerability is fdc.c.  Here is the detailed code flaw and fix:


Though it has not been observed, it appears that rogues with system level privileges in a VM could escape to host, if the vulnerable code were compiled in.  Estimating impact is non-trivial as always.  Most of the risk is in the cloud, and details about the exact compiled version of their hypervisor are unlikely to surface.  Either way, providers will react to this threat quickly.  Thus, real world impact is not expected at this time.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

P.S. This bug was found by Jason Geffner – Great job!

Source: /esuom-ruoy-tae-tnow-seippolf-eht/31/50/5102/moc.muimorb.sbal

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