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IPFire - A Household Multipurpose Security Gateway, (Sun, Apr 2nd)

2017-04-02 18:55

I have been looking for a while for inline proxy that is easy to setup and manage and a co-worker suggested trying IPFire[1]. IPFire is a Linux based hardened OS compiled from sources and takes about 15 minutes to do the basic installation. Before starting, you need to determine how many interfaces (zones) you need to setup (2 to 4); mandatory green for internal, red for Internet and you can also have blue for wireless and orange for the demilitarized zone width:159px" />

Obviously, if you are an business, you can purchase a IPFire hardware appliances for enterprises, large businesses and SOHO. If you are interested in an easy to use household multipurpose Security Gateway, give this one a try.

[1] http://www.ipfire.org/features
[2] http://wiki.ipfire.org/en/start
[3] http://wiki.ipfire.org/en/addons/start
[4] http://www.ipfire.org/download

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