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Cyber Security Review March 2016

2016-04-28 14:05
Ransomware attacks continue soar across all UK industry sectors, Trustwave SpiderLabs provided a excellent overview of how one of the most prolific ransomware strains works in How the Locky Ransomware Works. March saw media headlines dominated by Apple refusal to co-operate with the FBI in breaking the iPhone’s security, which concluded with the FBI successfully hacking iPhone via an anonymous third party, sparking the old but much needed Privacy V Security debate. There were also notable hacks of Law Firms and a major ‘Cyber Heist’ at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by hackers. Another major TLS vulnerability named ‘DROWN’, highlights the importance of patching OpenSSL and not using weak crypto.

DrownAttack could break TLS for a Third of Websites
MassiveCyber Heist pulled on Bangladesh's Central Bank NY Fed Account
USteam find Zero Day to hack Apple iCloud photo
NatWest online banking suffers SMS 'smishing'scams
FBIcracks iPhone, no longer needs Apple's Assistance
Cyber Criminals 'Hacked Law Firms'
Threemore US hospitals hit by Ransomware
SAP software download App exposed passwordsthanks to serious Vulnerability
Googlepatches Chrome 49 Vulnerabilities
MassiveVolume of Ransomware Downloaders being Spammed
Locky Ransomware 'on the rampage' Globally
DarkWeb Forums found offering Cerber 'Ransomware as a Service'
How the Locky Ransomware Works

Thirdof UK Universities Victimised by Cyber Attacks – Vmware Survey
CyberFraud losses increased by 26% in 2015 - Financial Fraud Action UK Report

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