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Dell Mines the Criminal Underground for a List of Current Hacking Prices

2016-04-07 00:05

You'll be able to find a hacker these days willing to break into an email or social media account for the small fee of $129 while corporate email accounts can start from $500 per account.

These details come to us via a recent study of the underground hacking market conducted by Dell's CISO INTEL Team, who's been doing this for the past three years.

According to their findings, new trends have emerged in terms of hacking tools and services, but the number of hacking markets where these can be contracted has also grown tremendously.

Angler EK goes for $135, crypters for $440

For example, the researchers have managed to find, for the first time in three years, cybercriminals selling the Angler Exploit Kit, which they've seen sold at prices between $100 and $135, a tool that a few years back was not that well known.

Other prices that you may find interesting are for hacking a website and stealing its data. While this was priced at $100-$300 two years ago, it's currently going from a minimum of $350.

If you need a DDoS attack, it will cost you from $5 to $10 per hour, $30 to $55 per day, or $200 to $555 per week. Doxing someone is only $19.

Credit card numbers can go from $7 to $60, depending on the card type, with US Visa and MasterCard being the cheapest, and Japan and Asia's Premium Visa and MasterCard versions (complete with Track 1 and Track 2 Data) being the most expensive.

Hacking forums also sell physical passports

But these are the market's cheaper services. If you need physical counterfeit US passports, the price can go from $3,000 to $10,000 while European passports never go above $3,000.

If you want access to popular US online payment accounts, this could cost you around $150, and the crooks could even send money from those accounts to yours, for a fee, of course (e.g.: sending $3,799 costs $950). For transferring money from a victim's actual bank account, this commission is somehow smaller.

You can view Dell's full price lists below, and if you need more insight, you can also study the company's most recent report called Underground Hacker Markets.

Hacking services price list
Hacking services price list

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