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Anonymous hacked Russian PSCB Commercial Bank and companies in the energy sector

2022-04-29 06:26

OpRussia continues, less than a week after my last update Anonymous has hacked other Russian companies and leaked their data via DDoSecrets.

The #OpRussia launched by Anonymous on Russia after the criminal invasion of Ukraine continues, the collective claims to have published more than 6 TB of Russian data via DDoSecrets. This is my update on the recent attack and associated data leaks via the DDoSecrets platform:

  • Elektrocentromontazh is the largest the chief power organization of Russia, it designs, tests, builds, installs and maintains electrical equipment in power generation and transmission facilities in over 25 regions of Russia. ECM’s domestic clients include the Novovoronezh, Kursk and Smolensk nuclear power plants, Russian Railways JSC, State enterprise Moscow Power Directorate, the Energy department of Moscow Government, the Moscow united electric grid JSC branch, and Baltic Oil Pipelines LLC. The collective has released a 1.7 TB archive via DDoSecrets that contains 1.23 millions emails from the company.
  • PSCB Petersburg Social Commercial Bank is one of the top 100 Russian banks in terms of net assets. The financial institution was hacked by Anonymous’s affiliate Network Battalion 65, one of the most active hacking groups since the beginning of the invasion. The collective has released a 542 GB archive via DDoSecrets that contains 229,000 emails and 630,000 files from the Petersburg Social Commercial Bank.
  • ALET is a customs broker for companies in the fuel and energy industries, handling exports and customs declarations for coal, crude oil, liquefied gases and petroleum products. ALET has worked with over 400 companies since 2011 to file over 119,000 customs declarations and has recommendations from Gazprom, Gazprom Neft and Bashneft. Approximately 75% of ALET’s business comes from oil products, 10% from oil, and 9% from hydrocarbon products. The collective has released a 1.1 TB archive via DDoSecrets that contains nearly 1.1 million emails from ALET / АЛЕТ.

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