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As Security a Professional, What Will You Be Focused on in 2014?

2015-04-30 03:30

In his first article of the new year, CORE CEO, Mark Hatton, shares some thoughts on Security in 2014.

Security is a Serious Business Where The Bottom Line is The Only Result that Matters. Focusing on the Negative May Not Sound Fun, But it’s Effective…

The first week of the New Year is always one of the more interesting times. Gone are the skeleton crews of the past month and, for the first time, everyone is back together from their holiday breaks and ready to take on the next set of challenges. It’s also the time of year when people make a lot of resolutions that statistics show they have little chance of actually keeping. For the next few weeks the gyms will be packed with those committed to getting in better shape, shedding a few pounds, eating healthier, etc. but the reality is, by February, things will return to normal levels. This can also hold true in enterprise organizations.




While I’m not going to offer any fitness tips in this article, I am going to suggest a change in the way companies and IT professionals view their security programs in the coming year. Rather than focusing on the vulnerabilities you are addressing and the types of attacks you are preventing, look at security through the prism of an attacker. Where are the cracks in the fortress walls? What vulnerabilities could possibly remain that could be exploited? Be honest in assessing yourself and your security protocols, ask yourself the tough questions as to whether you are keeping up with the latest patches, technologies, and threats and whether you have the proper team and resources in place.

To read the complete article please visit : http://www.securityweek.com/security-professional-what-will-you-be-focused-2014

Mark Hatton, President, CEO

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