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A New Approach, A New Era for Security

2015-04-30 03:28

In this version of his SecurityWeek article, Core CEO, Mark Hatton reflects on his recent trip to the RSA show.

I just got back from another year at the RSA Conference with my colleagues and peers talking about all that is new and upcoming in security. While some continue to debate the time and resources invested in conferences such as these, what cannot be discounted is the value in spending time with, and talking to, other 20+-year veterans of the industry. Though there is never a shortage of information in the security business, what can sometimes be missing is the context. These types of interactions and information exchanges are where new ideas are shaped and where new strategies are formed.

Now, whenever I am on the road attending a conference or for other types of meetings, I always try to multi-task, and meet with as many customers and partners as possible. I like to hear firsthand the issues they are struggling with and where we can provide them with the most value. I mention this because as I was meeting with several customers in advance of RSA, I noticed a pattern emerging among their commentary that carried over into the conference. While they all expressed the sentiment in different ways, they all came to the conclusion that they are tired of constantly “playing defense” with their security by preparing and waiting for the inevitable breach to happen. The prevailing thought was that while hackers are always “a step ahead” of the game, that doesn’t mean that we, as an industry, should just accept it and take a passive approach to our security.


It struck me that while the clear theme of last year’s RSA show was centered on security intelligence and analytics, this year the concept has evolved from simply processing events to detect when an attack is occurring towards the ability to use data to anticipate attacks and avoid them before they happen.  As I walked the halls of RSA, attended several of the sessions, and spoke with long-time acquaintances about my observations, most of them concurred that it was time for a new era in security where we take on a more aggressive posture in defending our most critical data.

To read this article in its entirety, please visit: https://www.securityweek.com/new-approach-new-era-security

Mark Hatton, President, CEO

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