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FortiGuard Labs' Anthony Giandomenico Talks Threat Intelligence

2015-04-28 15:25

There is so much marketing buzz around Threat Intelligence (TI) these days. The problem is, TI is a such a broad term and with the multitude of TI services offered in the market, many businesses are oftentimes confused as to what services to purchase and if they should even be looking at Threat Intelligence Services to begin with. Once the decision is made regarding the need for TI, how then do they go about choosing the right service for their organization? What constitutes a good threat feed? Is Threat Intelligence just for big business or can small businesses leverage it as well? Executive Editor, BankInfoSecurity & CuInforSecurity Tracy Kitten caught up with Fortinet’s Senior Security Strategist Anthony Giandomenico to discuss his views on this latest security buzz “Threat Intelligence”.

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