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Cryptzone Launches Access Management Solution for Cloud, Hybrid Environments

2015-04-21 14:40

Dynamic, identity-driven security solutions provider Cryptzone is showcasing this week at the RSA Conference the company’s new access management solution AppGate Secure Access.

Based on the software defined perimeter model, AppGate Secure Access enables organizations to protect their assets by providing a secure tunnel between authorized users and applications. The gateway makes the server/application infrastructure ‘invisible” and provides access to applications and services only after it ensures that the user is authorized based on identity and device posture.Cryptzone AppGate Secure Access

Designed for both cloud and hybrid environments, Cryptzone’s AppGate Secure Access relies on software-defined virtualization techniques. The solution doesn’t require any special hardware and it’s not dependent on a traditional perimeter security model, Cryptzone said.

The policy engine relies on factors such as time, location, device, and configuration to dynamically define access to applications. For situations where a new device is identified or when a login attempt fails, organizations can enforce additional requirements (e.g. two-factor authentication), or they can deny access altogether.

“Starting with the premise of unlimited access, and then locking down an exploding number of applications on a case-by-case basis, no longer works. Sony, eBay and others have paid a heavy price when compromised credentials subsequently allowed access to valuable applications and data,” said Kurt Glazemakers, senior vice president of product strategy at Cryptzone.

“AppGate Secure Access reverses the security model. By making the entire infrastructure invisible, and then delivering access when the user and device are authenticated—only for that specific session—Cryptzone is providing true agile security. We are delivering the next generation of security for today’s global and distributed business, without requiring a huge investment in order to achieve scalable, one-to-many security,” Glazemakers added.

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