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30% of Malware Attacks are Zero-Day Exploits

2017-03-31 03:36
WatchGuard quarterly report, based on Firebox Feed data, lists five key findings on Internet security threats.

New data from network security firm WatchGuard Technologies shows that nearly one third of all malware attacks come via zero-day exploits.

WatchGuard's first quarterly report on Internet security covers related threat issues spanning from Q4 2016 and their effect on businesses. The data comes via Firebox Feed, anonymized data from over 24,000 WatchGuard unified threat management (UTM) appliances worldwide.

The report points to five crucial findings. First, hackers are using old attack methods in new packaging and second, 30% of malware is still new or zero-day because it manages to avoid discovery due to lack of advanced detection techniques. WatchGuard's data also showed that JavaScript is used extensively in malware delivery while Web browsers and services are targeted the most. And the top network attack is Wscript.shell Remote Code Execution, targeting Germany 99% of the time.

"Each quarter, our report will marry new Firebox Feed data with original research and analysis of major information security events to reveal key threat trends and provide defense best practices," says Corey Nachreiner, CTO of WatchGuard Technologies.

Read full report here.

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