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Security Affairs newsletter Round 105 – News of the week

2017-03-26 19:40

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

First of all, let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog

·        Arbor Networks linked a new Acronym Malware to the Potao Express campaign
·        Security Affairs newsletter Round 104 – News of the week
·        Kirk ransomware – A Star Trek Themed Ransomware that requests Monero payments
·        CIA Vault7 Leak – Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Cluster Management Protocol Remote Code Execution flaw
·        Researcher leveraged App Paths to bypass User Account Control in Windows 10
·        Over 20 million Gmail and 5 million Yahoo accounts available for sale on the Dark Web
·        McDonalds McDelivery app leaks details of over 2.2 million customers
·        Exclusive: Dirty Political Spying Attempt behind the FHAPPI Campaign: all the details in the interview with @unixfreaxjp
·        Once again Three mobile customers in UK experienced data breach
·        New Metasploit RFTransceiver extension allows testing IoT sevices
·        Vulnerabilities in LastPass allowed attackers to steal passwords
·        Rogue Cellphone towers used to spread the Android Swearing Trojan
·        Turkish Crime Family group will remotely wipe hundreds of millions of iPhones unless Apple pays ransom
·        Machete espionage campaign continues to target LATAM countries
·        Vault7 Dark Matter batch – CIA has been targeting the iPhone supply chain since at least 2008
·        QNAP QTS Domain Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
·        Data breach – Are you an Android Forums user? Resets your passwords now.
·        Fortinet researchers spotted a malware that infects both Microsoft and Apple OSs
·        US blames North Korea for the $81 million Bangladesh cyber heist
·        Spear phishing campaign targeted Saudi Arabia Government organizations
·        CVE-2017-0022 Windows Zero-Day flaw used by AdGholas hackers and it was included in Neutrino EK
·        Malware posing as Siemens PLC application is targeting ICS worldwide

Hurry up, subscribe to the newsletter, next Sunday you will receive all the news directly in your inbox.I desire to inform you that Security Affairs is now open to sponsored content.
I’ll offer the opportunity to:
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•    Publish sponsored posts written by the customers that can include any kind of commercial reference.
•    Arrange a monthly/quarterly/annual campaign (for big customers) to advertise customers’ activities and discoveries.
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Once again thank you!

Pierluigi Paganini

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