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10 Must Read Infosec Books

2017-03-24 01:10
I was recently asked to participate in selecting one information security book to add to a round-up of recommended reading for infosec pros. The round-up includes ten selections from different people and was published by Tripwire here.

There are many great books out there I wanted to recommended, but since I only had one spot on the list I wanted to make it count. My selection, even though it's an older book, was: Extrusion Detection: Security Monitoring for Internal Intrusions by Richard Bejtlich.

The technology in this book might have changed, but the concepts are still the same. In order to defend the confidential data within your network, there needs to be proper extrusion detection in place to detect intruders who have comprised your internal systems and are attempting to siphon sensitive data our of your network. There's been a huge emphasis on preventing threats in the past but we have to gain a mindset on expecting that we're already breached and how to deal with it. This book gives you some serious food for thought on how it can be applied and was eye-opening for me when I read it almost a decade ago.

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