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Lookout’s new Apple Watch app is your alarm when your iPhone leaves your side

2016-03-09 02:05


Today we’re releasing a new app for the Apple Watch that gives wearers a real-time look at how far away they are from their iPhone. The app showcases something we call a “distance visualization bar” that effectively plays the “You’re getting warmer, you’re getting colder!” game with you and your iPhone. Before you move out of connection-range from your iPhone, the Lookout Apple Watch app will alert you that you’re about to go out of range and give you the option to make your iPhone emit a scream sound, or pull up a map of the iPhone’s location.

A new app, specially made for Apple Watch owners

Distance Visualization

Even though 74% of everyday people say they are addicted to their smartphones, it’s really hard to keep track of those slippery little devices. It always seems the bigger hurry you’re in, the longer it takes to find your iPhone before you can head out the door.

Scream Notification

This was an all too familiar situation for some of the software engineers here at Lookout, who saw a solution to the “mindless misplacement” problem in the Apple Watch.


We love innovation at Lookout. When these engineers pulled the idea together, it didn’t take long for the project to make it into the broader product roadmap. It makes a lot of sense: a device that you already wear as part of your daily life can help be another pair of eyes for your iPhone.

Here are a few scenarios in which you might find yourself using the Apple Watch app:

The Concert Goer

This person is at a concert and just left his group to grab some beers and snacks for everyone from the concession stand. Juggling his purchase, he unknowingly leaves his phone on the counter and heads back to their spot near the stage. 14640068686_63b4226416_zWhen he grabs for his phone to take a picture, he panics at the disco realizing it’s not in his pocket anymore. Knowing he won’t be able to hear a “scream,” he opts to use his Apple Watch to see how close or far he is from the phone. Following the signal, watching it get stronger as he walks back toward the concession stand, he suddenly remembers buying the drinks and sprints to the counter where the cashier hands him his phone.

The Forgetful Dasher

This person is in a cafe, plugging away at that critical project. She realizes she’s got a meeting in ten minutes across the street, so she packs up her stuff and high-tails it out the door to meet her partner. Stocksy_txp47e580d6rTq000_Small_571932Out on the sidewalk, she realizes her Apple Watch is buzzing: it says she’s about to lose connection with her device. She stops running to check her watch and sees she’s out of range of her phone. Trying to remember where she had it last, she does a quick locate from her watch to see it sitting in the coffee shop she just left. She grabs it before someone else does and runs to her meeting, iPhone in hand.

The Pickpocket Victim

This person is in the subway station, waiting for the next train. Today he’s brought a book with him, so his iPhone is resting in his pocket. Stocksy_txp47e580d6rTq000_Small_713606A person bumps into him on the platform, apologizes under her breath, and moves quickly on down toward the escalator. His watch starts buzzing and he sees his iPhone moving farther and farther out of range. Quickly, he “screams” the device, making it belt out a siren alarm. The station police are nearby and help him recover his device.

Excited to learn more about how you can use the Apple Watch? Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.45.56 PM

Concert image via messicanbeer/Flickr

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