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DDoS – we got hit this week

2016-03-06 02:20
DDoS – we got hit this week

Posted by on March 5, 2016.

We got hit by DDoS this week. It came in waves. The site was down for at least six hours with each wave, which seemed to come every 20 hours or so. This is what it did to our page views.


Of course it didn’t hurt us financially because ITsecurity.co.uk is a labour of conscience, not profit. We take neither advertising nor sponsorship. But it is disappointing. And I have no idea whether it is over now.

Of course the DDoS wasn’t specifically aimed at us; but nor do I think we were simply collateral damage. It was aimed at our hosting company and we got caught up.

DDoS is now so cheap and easy ‘as a service’ that it could have been a disgruntled ex-employee, or someone simply not happy with the hosting company. But I doubt it. I suspect it had a purpose.

Was it extortion? Possibly, but that was probably not the primary purpose. I suspect it was a fire designed to tie up the emergency services while infiltration occurred. If this is right, then the hoster was merely a diversion while the attackers sought to compromise as many servers and hosted web sites as possible.

The servers then become slave spam machines; while niche websites could be watering holes. Obviously I hope the attackers have failed and have moved on. But don’t ever trust to hope – hope is a fickle mistress. Wherever you go on the internet, make sure your browser is fully patched (use Chrome or Firefox) and that you have reputable up-to-date anti-virus. Nothing can ever guarantee your safety; but there’s no point in leaving the front door wide open with a welcome mat on the door step.

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