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It’s Time to Go Beyond Next-Generation Endpoint Security

2017-02-13 15:10

Endpoints are at the center of the universe of advanced attacks. They’re the most vulnerable, and act as a favored attack vector for cybercriminals because they provide the easiest entry points into your network. If you work in IT, you know how vulnerable endpoints can be and understand the need for a continuous approach to securing them, both proactively to reduce the attack surface and reactively to contain and remediate detected threats.

There are many endpoint security solutions out there that can spot and react to malware and malicious behavior on endpoints. In most cases, however, they have critical weaknesses that can leave you vulnerable to costly and damaging attacks. Today, true security requires IT teams to go beyond simple threat detection and look at the organization’s entire security posture. That’s the only way to effectively undo the damage of an attack and prevent similar incidents across your entire organization.

The Limits of Endpoint Security Tools

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Existing endpoint security tools often fall short in a number of ways. First, they provide an incomplete picture of endpoint status and lack the ability to see endpoints across highly distributed environments that may be off the network or in areas of low bandwidth. They also lack visibility into the diversity of devices and the unique operating systems that run on each. These factors limit the effectiveness of traditional tools and provide poor context for detection.

Endpoint security solutions also depend on the skills of under-resourced and overwhelmed analysts to validate and investigate malicious activity. With a limited number of experienced analysts available, it’s difficult to understand the context and scope of an attack, much less figure out exactly how to respond to it.

Finally, many endpoint security tools don’t provide effective remediation. While they may be able to quarantine a single infected endpoint, most cannot isolate all the impacted devices across a network or perform more advanced remediation actions. Disparate tools, teams and processes also limit analysts’ ability fully respond to and prevent attacks.

IBM BigFix Detect: See, Understand and Act

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Enter IBM BigFix Detect, which delivers a whole new level of endpoint security by addressing these critical gaps in today’s endpoint security tools. Simply put, you can see clearly, understand completely and act precisely with BigFix Detect.

The tool starts by improving visibility for discovery and auditing all your endpoints, however they are connected to the corporate network. Then, using advanced behavioral analytics, BigFix detects new evasive attacks, increasing your ability to manage your endpoints moving forward. The guided investigation feature acts like a trusted advisor, helping you to understand the nature of any attack by ascertaining the veracity and scope, and then determining how to respond and remediate — all within the explicit context of your own environment.

BigFix Detect also gives you everything you need to act precisely. Based on the findings of the investigations, you can immediately contain the attack, roll out enterprisewide remediation packages in minutes and perform a wide range of system actions across an endpoint. In addition to responding to attacks that have already occurred, you can enforce a proactive cycle of attack surface reduction to prepare for future attacks.

The IBM Cognitive SOC and BigFix Detect

BigFix Detect integrates with IBM cognitive technologies in a way that better safeguards your endpoints against cybercriminals. Cognitive technologies are critical to helping you keep ahead of the bad guys, and adoption is growing. In fact, a recent IBM study found that while only 7 percent of security professionals are using cognitive tools today, that number is expected to triple over the next two to three years.

IBM Cognitive SOC is an integrated security operations and response platform underpinned by the breadth and depth of IBM’s security portfolio. It provides rapid and accurate security insights and response capabilities across endpoint, network, cloud and users, helping to address critical gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy.

One of the ways it enhances your security team’s abilities is through IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson. This solution leverages Watson for Cyber Security and its specialized corpus of security knowledge, which includes more than 1 million cybersecurity-related documents, threat intelligence and real-time learning capabilities.

That means security analysts can use cognitive capabilities for threat investigations and remediation. The solution correlates Watson’s natural language processing capabilities across security blogs, websites, research papers and other sources with threat intelligence and security incident data from QRadar, shortening cybersecurity investigations from days and weeks to minutes.

BigFix Detect goes even further by feeding endpoint threat information into Watson for more thorough investigations. The broader Cognitive SOC can use any threat or malicious behavior on your endpoints to keep your data safer because the intelligence you use to protect your entire network is richer, more accurate and more complete than ever.

Read the IBM White Paper on Transforming Endpoint Security

Moving Beyond Detection Alone

An effective endpoint security solution must be able to see threats clearly, understand the context and act with precision. The bad guys only have to get it right once, but you have to get it right every time.

With BigFix Detect, you can see what’s happening across your entire network, gaining critical insight that will help you respond effectively and remediate threats across your organization. To learn more, download the IBM white paper, “Transforming Endpoint Security: Going Far Beyond Attack Detection.”

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