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Think Twice before Posting Data on Pastebin!

2017-02-12 11:25

Pastebin.com is one of my favourite playground. I’m monitoring the content of all pasties posted on this website. My goal is to find juicy data like configurations, database dumps, leaks of credentials. Sometimes you can find also malicious binary files.

For sure, I knew that I’m not the only one to have interests in the pastebin.com content.  Plenty of researchers or organizations like CERT’s and SOC’s are doing the same but I was very surprised by the number of hits that I got on my latest pastie:

Pastebin Hits

For the purpose of my last ISC diary, I posted some data on pastebin.com and did not communicate the link by any mean. Before posting the diary, I had a quick look at my pastie and it had already 105 unique views! It was posted only a few minutes before., think twice before posting data to

Conclusion: Think twice before posting data to pastebin. Even if you delete quickly your pastie, there are chances that it will be already scrapped by many robots (and mine! ;-))

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