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Denuvo Website Leaves Data Unsecured, Game Cracking Teams Start Digging

2017-02-05 18:45

Video game protection soft-maker Denuvo is having a tough week as its website was found to have left some unprotected directories open to the public eye, including one that contains private emails. This news comes just days after it was revealed that Resident Evil 7, protected by Denuvo, was cracked in just five days and uploaded to the Internet.

For the most part, TorrentFreak reports, the files are pretty boring. In the logs directory, however, there’s an 11MB text file titled Ajax.log, which contains what seems to be customer support emails dating back three years.

Denuvo's having an "oops" day
Denuvo's having an "oops" day

One of the emails seems to be from Capcom, the Japanese developer behind franchises such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Street Fighter, asking for a contact point in Japan, while another came from Jan Newger from Google.

“I’m working in the security team at Google, and would like to evaluate the Denuvo product to get an understanding on how it would integrate with existing solutions,” the email reads. His focus seems to be strengthening existing solutions to hinder tempering with binary programs.

The other side

There are also plenty of emails from angry gamers that wished Denuvo would stop locking up popular games so pirates could have access to them. And we do mean, lots of them, in multiple languages. Each with their own problems, it seems.

Denuvo's ajax log is full of emails
Denuvo's ajax log is full of emails

Given the content now available on Denuvo’s site, crackers are already looking for ways to get their hands on whatever info they can. According to TorrentFreak, among the files that have already been downloaded by pirates who love to crack games, there’s also one that contains access logs for Denuvo’s website and another full of executables. Whether crackers will find anything useful remains to be seen, but they’re clearly clinging to any piece of information to make Denuvo’s software useless.

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