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Cyber Threat Assessment: Threat Landscape Report

2016-02-26 08:25

This week Fortinet released its latest Threat Landscape Report - a collection of threats, attacks, and data collected from live production environments of all sizes and types.

As part of our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), enterprises and organizations were given the opportunity to place one of Fortinet’s high-performance FortiGate NGFW appliances inside their networks to see just how many threats and attacks attempt to (or successfully) gain purchase inside their infrastructure.

Some key findings in the report include:

  • unexpected threats such as XcodeGhost on iOS made an appearance inside networks
  • how attackers leverage automated tools and scanning platforms to incessantly probe networks for unpatched vulnerabilities
  • how widespread attempts to spread malware inside corporate environments are
  • botnet threats continue to rebuild and wreak havoc, even though the security industry has made great strides to find their command & control and shut them down
  • the impact that content such as online advertising, multimedia traffic, and social media places on a network’s resources


Download the complete report and take a look at what organizations are facing on a regular basis today:


If you’d like to know more about what’s truly happening inside your network today, sign up for your own Cyber Threat Assessment - it’s completely free, and the results may surprise you.

You can learn more about the Cyber Threat Assessment Program here:


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