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Security Affairs newsletter Round 48 – News of the week

2016-02-21 21:15

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs

Stolen card data of 100,000 Britons for sale on the clear web
Iranian hackers compromised former IDF chiefs computer
Security Affairs newsletter Round 47 – News of the week
Man charged of Laundering $19.6 Million earned with PBX system hacking
Misconfigured MongoDB allowed manipulation of a Microsofts career portal
A flaw in CISCO Universal Small Cell allows firmware retrieval
Dont set your iPhones Date to January 1, 1970 or your will brick it
Mazar Bot actively targeting Android devices and wiping them
Approximate machine improves the Bitcoin mining by 30 percent
Ransomware demanded $3.6M after takes offline the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
APT Groups dont go under the grid after a successful attack!
Cisco Industrial switches affected by an unpatched flaw
US Judge requests Apple to unlock San Bernardino shooters iPhone
$103,000 stolen in Brain Wallets cracking attacks
Linux Fysbis Trojan, a new weapon in the Pawn Storms arsenal
GCHQ helped US in developing Stuxnet, claims a documentary
Anonymous leaked 18GB of data belonging to the Turkish national police
Researcher hacks medical devices and the whole hospital with ease
A sophisticated variant of OceanLotus trojan targets OS X systems
VXE Flaw allowed threats to bypass FireEye detection engine
Comodo Internet Security opened your PC to attackers
Tens of thousands of DVRs exposed on Internet with Hardcoded Passwords
AV-TEST 2015 AWARDs – Which is the best antivirus solution?
Thousands of WordPress websites used as a platform to launch DDOS
Locky Ransomware uses AES to encrypt Local Files and Unmapped Network Shares
Malicious spam campaign capitalizes the global interest in the Zika virus
San Bernardino shooters Apple ID passcode changed in government custody

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I’ll offer the opportunity to:
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For more info contact me at pierluigi.paganini@securityaffairs.co
Thanks for supporting Security Affairs.

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Once again thank you!

Pierluigi Paganini

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