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CarolinaCon-12 - March 2016 - FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT

2016-01-28 00:40
CarolinaCon-12 will be held on March 4th-6th, 2016 in Raleigh NC.  For the cheap price of $40 YOU could get a full 
weekend of talks, hacks, contests, and parties. Regarding the price increase to $40, it was forced due to ever-rising
venue costs. But we promise to provide more value via; great talks, great side events, kickass new attendee badges,
cool giveaways, etc.

We've selected as many presentations as we can fit into the lineup. Here they are, in no particular order:

- Mo Money Mo Problems: The Cashout - Benjamin Brown
- Breaking Android apps for fun and profit - Bill Sempf
- Gettin’ Vishy with it - Owen / Snide- @LinuxBlog
- Buffer Overflows for x86, x86_64 and ARM - John F. Davis (Math 400)
- Surprise! Everything can kill you. - fort
- Advanced Reconnaissance Framework - Solray
- Introducing PS>Attack, a portable PowerShell attack toolkit - Jared Haight
- Reverse Engineer iOS apps because reasons - twinlol
- FLOSS every day – automatically extracting obfuscated strings from malware - Moritz Raabe and William Ballenthin
- John the Ripper sits in the next cubicle: Cracking passwords in a Corporate environment - Steve Passino
- Dynamic Analysis with Windows Performance Toolkit - DeBuG (John deGruyter)
- Deploying a Shadow Threat Intel Capability: Understanding YOUR Adversaries without Expensive Security Tools - grecs
- AR Hacking: How to turn One Gun Into Five Guns - Deviant Ollam
- Reporting for Hackers - Jon Molesa @th3mojo
- Never Go Full Spectrum - Cyber Randy
- I Am The Liquor - Jim Lahey

CarolinaCon-12 Contests/Challenges/Events:

- Capture The Flag
- Crypto Challenge
- Lockpicking Village
- Hardware Hack-Shop
- Hacker Trivia
- Unofficial CC Shootout


If you're traveling and wish to stay at the Con hotel here is the direct link to the CarolinaCon discount group rate:
NOTE: The website defaults to March 3rd-6th instead of March 4th-6th and the group rate is no longer available on March
3rd. So make sure that you change the reservation dates to get the group rate.

ATTENTION: The discount group rate on Hilton hotel rooms expires THIS weekend on JANUARY 31st 2016, so act quickly if
you plan on staying at the hotel for all of the weekend fun and you want the group rate.

CarolinaCon formal proceedings/talks will run;
- 7pm to 11pm on Friday
- 10am to 9pm on Saturday
- 10am to 4pm on Sunday

For presentation abstracts, speaker bios, the final schedule, side event information, and all the other exciting
details (as they develop and as our webmaster gets to them) stay tuned to:

There are no advertisers, vendors, or sponsors allowed at CarolinaCon....ever. Please don't waste your time or ours in

CarolinaCon has been Rated "M" for Mature.


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