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Correct answer Information Disclosure in TCExam <= 12.2.5

2016-01-16 17:25
<p>Posted by lists () antonioherraizs com lists () antonioherraizs com on Jan 16</p>---------------------------------------------------------<br> <br> Correct answer Information Disclosure in TCExam &lt;= 12.2.5<br> ---------------------------------------------------------<br> <br> [-] Software Link:<br> <br> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tcexam.org/">http://www.tcexam.org/</a><br> <br> [-] Vendor description:<br> <br> TCExam is a Open Source system for electronic exams (also know as CBA –<br> Computer-Based Assessment, CBT – Computer-Based Testing or e-exam) that enables<br> educators and trainers to author, schedule,...<br>

Source: 45/naJ/6102/erusolcsidlluf/gro.stsilces

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