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SEC Consult whitepaper: Bypassing McAfee Application Whitelisting for Critical Infrastructure Systems

2016-01-12 04:55
SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab released a new whitepaper titled:

"Bypassing McAfee Application Whitelisting for Critical Infrastructure Systems"
- the dinosaurs want their vuln back

Link to blog overview:
Including slides from presentations on this topic (with details & demos on
vulnerabilites & vendor responses):


Direct link to whitepaper:

This paper describes the results of the research conducted by SEC Consult
Vulnerability Lab on the security of McAfee Application Control. This product is
an example of an application whitelisting solution which can be used to further
harden critical systems such as server systems in SCADA environments or client
systems with high security requirements like administrative workstations.
Application whitelisting is a concept which works by whitelisting all installed
software on a system and after that prevent the execution of not whitelisted
software. This should prevent the execution of malware and therefore protect
against advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. McAfee Application Control is
an example of such a software. It can be installed on any system, however, the
main field of application is the protection of highly critical infrastructures.
While the core feature of the product is application whitelisting, it also
supports additional security features including write- and read-protection as
well as different memory corruption protections.

The paper will show:

* how application whitelisting can be bypassed in multiple ways
* how User-Account-Control can be bypassed on such protected systems
* how additional protections such as read- or write-protections can be
* how additional memory corruption protections can easily be bypassed
* that the software can decrease the overall security of your operating

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