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How to integrate Everything search in the Windows 10 taskbar

2021-01-10 19:01

Windows 10

Windows 10 users can now integrate the Everything search engine directly into the Windows taskbar using the new 'EverythingToolbar' application.

If you are a user of voidtool's Everything search engine for Windows, you know what a terrific search tool it is for Windows. However, to search for files and data, you need to perform your searches using the Everything app.

Everything app
Everything app

This week, developer Stephan Rumswinkel released a new open-source application called EverythingToolbar that lets you integrate an Everything search field directly into the Windows 10 toolbar.

This field displays instant search results from the Everything index, includes keyboard shortcut navigation, customizable 'Open with..' commands, and supports light/dark/medium themes, as shown below.

EverythingToolbar integrated into Windows 10 taskbar
EverythingToolbar integrated into Windows 10 taskbar

A nice feature of the Everything Toolbar is creating customized 'Open with...' commands that can be used for all search results or only those that match path and file name using regular expressions.

Some examples of customized Open with commands shared by the developer are shown  below.

NameTypeRegular ExpressionCommand
Open terminal here...Any cmd /K "cd %path%"
Total Commander (Left)Any totalcmd /O /L=%path%
Total Commander (Right)Any totalcmd /O /R=%path%
MSPaintFile.*\PixelArt\.*(bmp|BMP)mspaint %file%

Installing EverythingToolbar

Users can compile the EverythingToolbar from the source code, or you can download a precompiled version directly from the project's GitHub page. Before installing, you need to make sure you have NET Framework 4.7 and Everything 1.4.1 or later installed.

Once installed, you can enable the search toolbar by right-clicking the Taskbar, selecting Toolbars, and selecting 'Everything Toolbar,' as shown below. If it does not show up the first time, try one more time as a bug prevents it from being seen immediately in some cases.

Enable the Everything Toolbar in the taskbar
Enable the Everything Toolbar in the taskbar

If you already use Everything in Windows 10, this is a great additional tool that makes it even easier to use the search engine.

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