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Hackers demonstrate how to hack Samsung SmartCam

Researchers Exploitee.rs discovered a flaw in Samsung SmartCam IP cameras that could be exploited to execute commands and hijack vulnerable devices. Samsung SmartCam IP cameras are affected by a serious vulnerability that could be exploited by remote attackers to execute commands and hijack vulnerable devices. Samsung Electronics sold the Samsung Techwin se
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Russian Channel One alleged hacked and BBC Sherlock Final Leaked

On Monday, Russian State Television Channel One leaked online the BBC Sherlock Final episode, the broadcaster blames hackers. On Monday, a Russian state television Channel One blamed hackers for the leak online of the final episode of the BBC drama Sherlock a day before its actual planning. The Russian Channel One was set to transmit the end-of-season episod
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Watch out, hackers can listen to your Facebook Messenger Chats

A security expert discovered a flaw in the Facebook Messenger audio clip recording feature that could be exploited to listen to audio chats. Voice recording is one of the most important features of instant messaging systems, it allows users to rapidly send messages in an easy way avoiding typing them. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others implement it.
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Thai TrueOnline ZyXEL and Billion routers still unpatched since July

The security researcher Pedro Ribeiro disclosed several vulnerabilities in the ZyXEL customized routers that could be easily exploited by hackers. Details on serious vulnerabilities in a number of routers freely distributed by the TrueOnline Thai ISP were published on Monday after private disclosures made to the vendors in July went unanswered. The security
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Know Your Security Loopholes to Outsmart Lurking Cyberthreats

Co-authored by Pallavi Yerram. Joanna loves to access her mobile devices to complete all her work, buy groceries for her home and conduct myriad other daily activities. But recently, she found that someone else had gained access to her credit card details. How did it happen and what will she do now? Like Joanna, most of us use our mobile phones for everythin
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Applying Machine Learning to Improve Your Intrusion Detection System

Whether we realize it or not, machine learning touches our daily lives in many ways. When you upload a picture on social media, for example, you might be prompted to tag other people in the photo. That’s called image recognition, a machine learning capability by which the computer learns to identify facial features. Other examples include number and vo
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Going Inside an Arbitrary Kernel Write Vulnerability in the Nexus 9 (CVE-2016-3873)

The IBM X-Force Application Security Research Team recently discovered an arbitrary write vulnerability in Nexus 9’s kernel (the Tegra kernel branch). Google’s Android Security Team acknowledged the vulnerability, which allows a privileged attacker to arbitrary write values within kernel space, and assigned it a high severity rating. Kernel arbit
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Integrate WHONIX with Kali Linux to Achieve Anonymity

How to become anonymous is the most common question that everybody asks on the internet. There could be many reasons to be an anonymous user; you are a journalist, and you want to get in touch with a whistleblower, or maybe you just care about your privacy. Cyber security professionals want anonymity for black-box testing and many other purposes. Regar
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Stapler Walkthrough

Stapler is a boot2root challenge we are going to solve. We hosted the machine in VirtualBox and fired nmap on its IP address and below is the result:We noticed that nmap detected FTP anonymous login is enabled and we tried to login into FTP with anonymous user:After we browsed the FTP directory and we found a note file must be a hint, so we downloaded
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Is Hacking in Your Blood?

I am a hacker. I get hired by companies to break into their systems, a job commonly referred to as pentesting. I’m a “good guy” hacker. My definition of “good guy” versus “bad guy” is that good guys only hack with permission and they get paid less. ;-)I LOVE my job! Often times I have to force myself to stop working in order to do other more important things
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Sherlock Holmes for the InfoSec Crowd: 5 Steps to Becoming a Security Awareness Mastermind

The ever-fickle world of pop culture has seen a resurgence of interest in Sherlock Holmes in the last five years.Fresh re-imaginings of the detective residing at 221B Baker Street have come both to the big screen and small to varying degrees of critical acclaim. Robert Downey Jr.’s version premiered in 2009, while Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern interpretation
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Dutch Website Builder Used Secret Script to Hack 20,000 Users

A Dutch website builder leveraged a secret script to steal 20,000 users’ login credentials, hack their accounts, and commit payment fraud.On 17 January, police in the northern Netherlands announced they’re contacting 20,000 users with the advice that they change their passwords as soon as possible. This move comes several months after the world f
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Report: UK’s Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Gap Ranks Second Worst Worldwide

The UK is among the worst affected countries globally due to its severe cybersecurity skills shortage, revealed a new report by employment search site Indeed.From Q3 2014 to Q3 2016, the site analyzed its industry job postings and job searches to identify where cybersecurity jobs are most in demand and where the talent gap poses the most risk to employers.Th
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Intel debugger interface open to hacking via USB

New Intel processors contain a debugging interface accessible via USB 3.0 ports that can be used to obtain full control over a system and perform attacks that are undetectable by current security tools.A talk on the mechanisms needed for such attacks and ways to protect against them was given by Positive Technologies experts Maxim Goryachy and Mark Ermolov a
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Adaptive Defense 360 Given Stamp of Approval by AV-Comparatives

Defending your devices in our hyperconnected world is no simple task. Your protection should include a wide range of defense mechanisms, a necessary deployment that, until now, has forced IT organizations to purchase and maintain a variety of products from different providers. In December, AV-Comparatives gave their stamp of approval to the three principles
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