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Microsoft: Secured-core servers help prevent ransomware attacks

Microsoft says the first Secured-core certified Windows Server and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI devices are now available to protect customers' networks from security threats, including ransomware attacks.Secured-core devices are marketed as a solution to the increasing number of firmware vulnerabilities attackers can exploit to bypass a Windows machines'&
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Windows 11 can now install WSL from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has added the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a separate app to the Microsoft Store with the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22518 to the Dev Channel.The WSL store app for Windows 11 machines was announced in October when it was also first added as a preview.Now, Windows Insiders running the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel
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New Windows 11 Voice Access lets you control the OS with your voice

Windows 11 is getting a new "Voice Access" feature to control the operating system using your voice and a microphone.While Microsoft has already supported dictation via a microphone, the ability to use your voice to execute commands in Windows has been limited to specific applications.In the Windows 11 preview build 22518 released today, users can now use th
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Amazon is shutting down web ranking site Alexa.com

Amazon announced on Wednesday plans to shut down its global website ranking system and competitor analysis tool "Alexa.com", which has been available for 25 years.Alexa.com is a subsidiary company of Amazon and it's widely known for its global ranking system which uses web traffic data from its partners to list the most popular inter
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SonicWall strongly urges customers to apply patches to SMA 100 devices

SonicWall strongly urges customers using SMA 100 series appliances to install security patches that address multiple security flaws, some of them rated as critical. Security vendor SonicWall urges customers using SMA 100 series appliances to apply security patches that address multiple security vulnerabilities, some of which have been rated as critical.
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Identity Fraud: A Major Growth Area for Criminals

The lockdowns of 2020 led to an increase in online activity. This in turn led to an increase in online identity theft and fraud. The question asked for 2021 is whether 2020 was a temporary spike, or an ongoing change in fraudulent activity.This is the question discussed by Onfido in its Identity Fraud Report 2022, and answered quite simply, “The jump in frau
Publish At:2021-12-08 16:52 | Read:64 | Comments:0 | Tags:NEWS & INDUSTRY Fraud & Identity Theft

Windows URI Handling Flaw Leads to Drive-by Code Execution

A pair of German security researchers have publicly documented the discovery of a drive-by code execution vulnerability in Windows 10 and criticized Microsoft for botching its response to the still-unfixed security problem.The security defect is an argument injection in the Windows 10/11 default handler for ‘ms-officecmd:’ URIs and was successfully chained w
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Report: Chinese Hackers Targeted Southeast Asian Nations

Chinese hackers, likely state-sponsored, have been broadly targeting government and private-sector organizations across Southeast Asia, including those closely involved with Beijing on infrastructure development projects, according to a report released Wednesday by a U.S.-based private cybersecurity company.Specific targets included the Thai prime minister’s
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Does Your Child Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Social Media?

Have you noticed that when parents gather, it doesn’t take long before the topic of kids and social media comes up. That’s because concern over screen time is a big deal, especially in this post-pandemic season. Parents want to know: How much is too much screen time? When should we step in? How do we reverse poor habits, and what will the lasting digital fal
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New German Government is Pro-Encryption and Anti-Backdoors

I hope this is true: According to Jens Zimmermann, the German coalition negotiations had made it “quite clear” that the incoming government of the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the business-friendly liberal FDP would reject “the weakening of encryption, which is being attempted under the guise of the fight against child abuse”
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XE Group exposed for eight years of hacking, credit card theft

A relatively unknown group of Vietnamese hackers calling themselves 'XE Group' has been linked to eight years of for-profit hacking and credit card skimming.The threat actors are thought to be responsible for the theft of thousands of credit cards per day, mainly from restaurants, non-profit, art, and travel platforms.The actors use publicly available exploi
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Hackers infect random WordPress plugins to steal credit cards

Credit card swipers are being injected into random plugins of e-commerce WordPress sites, hiding from detection while stealing customer payment details.With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, card-stealing threat actors raise their efforts to infect online shops with stealthy skimmers, so administrators ought to remain vigilant.The latest trend is
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Edge Computing and 5G: Will Security Concerns Outweigh Benefits?

You’re probably hearing a bunch of chatter about edge computing these days and how it, along with 5G, are the latest pieces of technology to redefine how we conduct our business. In fact, you may even be hearing people say that edge computing will replace cloud computing. Let’s separate the facts from the speculation.  What Edge and 5G Are
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CSPM, CIEM, CWPP, and CNAPP: Guess who in cloud security landscape

Depending on the maturity level of cloud adoption in your organization, you may be trying some services in the cloud, as a PoC, just running a few applications, or totally embracing this new era of cloud. Whether you are in the early stages or running all of your workloads in production, you probably already noticed that cloud-native security is different fr
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CS Energy foiled a ransomware attack

A cyberattack hit CS Energy in Australia on Saturday, November 27, experts believe the attack was orchestrated by Chinese hackers. A ransomware cyberattack hit a major energy network operated by CS Energy, that attack could have had dramatic consequences leaving millions of homes without energy. The attack took place on Saturday, November 27, experts b
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