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Security blogger Krebs says IoT DDoS attack was payback for a blog

Security blogger Brian Krebs says a massive distributed denial-of-service attack that took down his Web site last week was likely the consequences for his outing of two Israelis who ran a DDoS-for-hire business.+More on Network World: The IoT is uranium+The pair, whom he identifies as Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, both 18, were arrested in Israel at the r
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Swift CEO reveals three more failed attacks on banking network

Banks stopped three new attempts to abuse the Swift financial transfer network this summer, its CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said Monday, as he announced Swift's plan to impose tighter security controls on its customers.Swift provides the network that banks use to exchange funds internationally, and hit the headlines in February when attackers almost got awa
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Six senators demand more details about the Yahoo data breach

Six U.S. senators have called Yahoo's massive data breach "unacceptable," and they're demanding that the company provide more details about the incident.In a letter addressed to Yahoo's CEO, the lawmakers said they were particularly "disturbed" that the breach occurred in 2014, but that Yahoo only publicized it last week."That means millions of Americans
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Analysts laud and lance new Microsoft browser armor

Analysts today gave mixed reviews to Microsoft's new security model for its Edge browser, labeling it as both a landmark move and an attempt to mask the underlying problems of Windows that the company has refused to address."This is one of those ideas where you say, 'Why didn't someone do this before?'" said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst of Moor In
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Mobile Fraud Changes Outlook for Multifactor Authentication

SMS one-time passcodes just won't cut it anymore. We need new approaches that people will actually use.The writing is on the wall — and the Dark Web: SMS one-time passcodes are on their way out. As malware aimed at mobile banking and payment apps becomes more prevalent, authentication by SMS has proven to be too vulnerable. Cell networks are under atta
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5 Best Practices For Winning the IoT Security Arms Race

By focusing on a pragmatic approach to security, it's possible to develop IoT solutions that will reduce future risk without breaking the bank. Internet of Things (IoT) security is an arms race between the companies developing IoT solutions and the hackers who see value in compromising those solutions. It’s a race hackers are handedly winning in large
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Links that endanger your cyber-security

On any given day, employees at your company click a multitude of links and many of them come from unknown sources. But clicking these mysterious URLs endangers more than your security, it can also threaten your business. Curiosity can cost you. The sole purpose of these links is to transfer malware onto your system. What’s worse is that, as demonstrat
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Inside Arizona’s Pump Skimmer Scourge

Crooks who deploy skimming devices made to steal payment card details from fuel station pumps don’t just target filling stations at random: They tend to focus on those that neglect to deploy various tools designed to minimize such scams, including security cameras, non-standard pump locks and tamper-proof security tape. But don’t take my word for
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Brits in Biometrics Boost as 20% Use Fingerprint Tech

Over one fifth of the UK’s smartphone users now authenticate via their fingerprint, highlighting the growing influence of biometrics in cybersecurity, according to Deloitte.The Big Four consultancy polled 4000 British consumers to compile its sixth annual Mobile Consumer Survey, There’s no place like phone.It found that 37 million (81%) now have
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Malvertising Attack Threatens 2 Million answers.com Visitors Daily

A malvertising attack has been mounted on the popular website answers.com, which receives 2 million visits daily.Some visitors that browse the knowledge-based website are exposed to fraudulent and malicious advertisements and could be infected with ransomware on a drive-by basis, without even having to click on an ad.  According to Malwarebytes, the att
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GozNym Frankenstein Trojan Has Four Faces

The GozNym Trojan, which is a Frankenstein-like hybrid of two families of malware, has been used to frequently deliver malware through various spear phishing campaigns. But it turns out that this baddie has split personality disorder, with four different variants out in the wild to wreak havoc.By way of background, Gozi was a widely distributed banking troja
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Microsoft removed Windows Journal from its OSs due to security flaws

Microsoft encourages Windows users to remove the Windows Journal application by following the steps found in Microsoft update KB3161102. Microsoft has removed the Windows Journal application from its OSs due to the presence of multiple security flaws that can be exploited by hackers through specially crafted Journal files (.jnt) which are used to store notes
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Fancy Bear Hackers use a new Mac Trojan against aerospace industry

Researchers at Palo Alto spotted a new campaign of the Russian Fancy Bear APT using a new Mac OS X Trojan against companies in the aerospace industry. In the last weeks, we have discussed a lot about a string of attacks that targeted the US  Democratic National Committee (DNC), security experts collected evidence of the involvement of Russian nation-state
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How much time does it take to create a malware that evades antimalware solutions? One or two minutes

A Group of the researchers from the Iswatlab team at the University of Sannio demonstrated how is easy to create new malware that eludes antimalware. It’s not easy to ‘write’ a new malware that is able to evade the detection of antimalware and other defensive software, but it is easier to ‘produce’ a new malware that can evade the det
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Reversing Binary: Spotting Bug without Source Code

AbstractThe proficiency to unravel the complexities of a target software is called reverse engineering or just reversing. Software attackers manipulate or break the target program functionality in an unusual way resorting to some special tools often users. This article is discussing how a security bug for instance, ‘Format String’ can be sp
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