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32TB of Windows 10 internal builds and portions of core source code leaked online

A massive dump of Microsoft’s confidential Windows 10 internal builds, and the source codes for private software has been leaked online. A huge trove of Microsoft internal Windows operating system builds and portions of core source code have leaked online. The news was first reported by The Register, the 32TB of official and non-public installation ima
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Stealing AES-256 keys in seconds using €200 of off-the-shelf components

Security experts at Fox‑IT have demonstrated that is possible sniff AES-256 encryption keys from a distance of one meter (3.3 feet) with a cheap equipment. Security experts at Fox‑IT have demonstrated that is possible to power a side-channel attack to wirelessly extract secret AES-256 encryption keys from a distance of one meter (3.3 feet). The researchers u
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US intelligence claims Russian hackers probed electoral networks in 21 US states

According to the US intelligence, Russian hackers tried to compromise electoral networks in 21 unnamed US states, but voting tallies hadn’t been hacked. According to Homeland Security officials, the attack against the 2016 Presidential election was more sophisticated than first thought. In a public hearing into the Russian interference in the 2016 Pres
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The CIA was aware of Putin’s order to support the Trump Presidential campaign candidacy

The CIA was aware since August that President Putin personally ordered an operation to support Donald Trump presidential race. The intelligence shocked the White House and put US security chiefs on a top-secret crisis footing to figure out how to react. According to the Washington Post, CIA was aware since August that President Putin personally ordered an op
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Experts devised the GhostHook Attack technique to bypass Windows 10 PatchGuard Protections

Experts have devised the GhostHook Attack technique to install rootkits on machines running the Windows 10 operating system. Security flaws in Microsoft PatchGuard kernel protection could be exploited by attackers to install rootkits on machines running the secure Windows 10 operating system. The PatchGuard, also known as Kernel Patch Protection, is a softwa
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UK politicians’ login credentials up for sale in the dark web

Russians hackers are offering for sale on the dark web login credentials of thousands of top UK politicians, top officials, and diplomats. According to The Times, Russians hackers are selling on the dark web login credentials of thousands of top UK politicians, top officials, and diplomats. Journalists at the British newspaper have found two huge lists of st
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Five Ways Enterprises Can Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

With global cybersecurity job openings and security threats at all-time highs, enterprises are struggling to fill positions with qualified staff. But while the problem threatens to plague the IT industry for years to come, security leaders and hiring managers can take proactive measures to attract and retain top talent for their organizations. Five Tips to C
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Game Over: Improving Your Cyber Analyst Workflow Through Gamification

Gamification — the process of applying game principles to real-life scenarios — is everywhere, from U.S. army recruitment to immersive cybersecurity training. Employee satisfaction and motivation can be fickle. In a job that requires both repetition and razor-sharp focus to pinpoint anomalies, it can be difficult to maintain an edge. This can lead to burnout
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Threat Intelligence Sharing: The New Normal?

The spirit of cooperation seems to be taking hold as demonstrated by the growing number of thriving services and organizations whose sole purpose is to analyze specific threats against specific communities."When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle" – Edmund Burke.Th
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RAT Vulnerabilities Turn Hackers into Victims

A small number of Remote Administration Tools have vulnerabilities which can enable attack targets to turn the tables on threat actors.Threat actors using certain Remote Administration Tools (RATs) may find themselves on the receiving end of malware. Newly discovered vulnerabilities in these tools may enable cybercriminals' targets to turn the tables on thei
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Android Marcher Variant Makes Rounds as Adobe Flash Player Update

Zscaler researchers discover a new variant of the Android Marcher malware, which aims to steal online banking credentials and credit card information.A new variant of the Android Marcher malware uses pornographic enticements and new game hype to lure users to download a bogus Adobe Flash player, according to Zscaler researchers who discovered the latest vari
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Virginia Consultant Charged with Espionage

Federal authorities charged a consultant with espionage for transmitting top secret and secret documents to China.A Virginia man faces espionage charges for transmitting top secret and secret documents to China, according to the Department of Justice.Kevin Patrick Mallory, 60, a consultant for GlobalEx LLC, is charged with meeting with an assumed member of t
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Virgin Media customers asked to change passwords over hacking alert

800.000 Virgin Media customers advised to change their passwords over imminent hack risk Virgin Media, one of UK’s larger Internet providers, has advised more than their 800.000 customers using a specific router (Super Hub 2), to change their passwords immediately after an investigation revealed they are prone to hacking. The warning comes after ethical secu
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In India, Personal Data of Millions Exposed by Gov’t Mistake

Around 1 billion citizens registered with a twelve-digit number and recorded in a database with their biometric and personal information. India has scanned the iris and fingerprint of its citizens as part of the Aadhaar initiative, the largest biometric project on the planet, for identification purposes upon accessing social security and other services. Sinc
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Amazon Patents Measures to Prevent In-Store Comparison Shopping

Amazon has been issued a patent on security measures that prevents people from comparison shopping while in the store. It's not a particularly sophisticated patent -- it basically detects when you're using the in-store Wi-Fi to visit a competitor's site and then blocks access -- but it is an indication of how retail has changed in recent years. What's inter
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